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Department of Geology of the Faculty of Science intends to offer:

1. Undergraduate study program in Geology :

-Undergraduate study program in Environmental Sciences in collaboration  with   Departments of Biology and Geography of the Faculty of Science.

2. Graduate study program in :

  • Geology (Geology and Paleontology and Mineralogy and Petrology)
  • Environmental Geology
  • Announce working on the program in Geoarheology in collaboration with the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Zagreb.

3. Educational study program in Geology/Geography in collaboration with 

Department of Geography of the Faculty of Science.

Reason for setting the program

The reasons for change of existing study programs, and setting the new ones in  undergraduate and graduate levels, we can find in demand for these studies in the  market, both in public and private sector respectively.

Undergraduate study program

We intend to create undergraduate study program following the fundamental  experiences from existing study programs having in mind to include the basic  knowledge in geology into the other natural scientific branches and vice verse. The  contemporaneousness of proposed study programs is reflected in similarities with  programs of other universities.

The proposed programs are comparable with programs  of respectable universities in European Union, especially those in wider region. The  aforesaid experiences we used as starting and comparable point when we set up our  study program. The mentioned universities are: University of Vienna Charles University Prague and University of Padova.

Graduate study programs

Graduate study programs continue on undergraduate programs and enable an  additional specialized knowledge in geology. These are traditional but brought up to  date graduate programs in Geology and Paleontology, Mineralogy and Petrology. Together with these traditional programs new graduate programs are offered from  scientific disciplines which have risen in last decades like: Environmental Geology,  Geoarheology.

Educational study program in Geology/Geography

This study program is designed as a replacement for former widely acclaimed study  program for teachers in geology and geography at the Department of Geology and  Department of Geography at the Faculty of Science. New proposal is based on  modular approach in collaboration with Department of Geography of the Faculty of Science. In the same time, in a future this modular approach opens the possibility of  combining of the geological modul with other natural science educational moduls.

Previous experiences of proposer

Department of Geology has taught basic geological programs in the high education  system since 1874 y. New proposed studies are based on these experiences and  previous experiences in scientific work and investigations of our staff which spent  shorter or longer time on specialization at the eminent international scientific  institutes and institutions of high education.

Possible collaborators

Possible collaborators for the study but not institutions in the high educational system  are, as follows: Institute of Geology, Zagreb, Croatian Oil Company –INA, Croatian  Natural History Museum, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Institute for oceanography and  fisheries, National Parks, Croatian Water Management, PLIVA, etc.

Study openness 

The study is based on modular principle and in accordance with ECTS system and  enables vertical and horizontal mobility during the study having in mind that  recommendation and supervision of coordinator or student mentor is provided. Enclosure Shematic outline of study program at Department of Geology of the Faculty of  Science.