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Building backlinks on wikipedia

Building links in Wikipedia isn't as simple as saying, “Hey, my article is better than that guy! I want to be there instead.” Building Wikipedia backlinks, while easy, must be done tactically. This means that there are three possibilities to create links that you are looking for:

  • Dead/Broken/404 Link Opportunities
  • Broken Link Opportunities
  • Unique link opportunities

Let's take a look at what each one is and how you identify them for your own site.

The opportunity of the dead link or broken link in Wikipedia

According to Wikipedia's definition, a dead link is used to describe a link that is no longer active. This means that the content that was once on the other side of the link is no longer there. This tells Wikipedia moderators (or anyone looking) that the link needs to be fixed or updated.

To make a backlink on wikipedia:  your content could be the link they are looking for!

Wikipedia is like any other website. Because there are so many links, hundreds of them are broken and almost impossible to maintain in real time. Thus, your opportunity to build backlinks on wikipedia will be in a win-win form: providing them with content they need to fill that link. Simple, right?

The Broken Link Opportunity Off Wikipedia

One of the white hat backlink building tactics is to scour the web for broken links. But it takes a lot of time and can often mean a lot of work for little results. However, if you're a savvy SEO, you've already realized that  if the link is broken on Wikipedia, it's also broken for all the sites that link to it .

Which means from one broken link, you can find five to five thousand link building opportunities, depending on the niche and topic. If you do not yet have the content to replace the broken link, use the google cache or web.archive.org to trace the different versions of the history of this missing url.

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The unique link opportunity

Anyone can create a Wikipedia account. You therefore have access to the Wikipedia creation option: own linking opportunities galore, on specific pages.

A first possibility would be to modify or add content to existing pages. It's about adding new content that improves the relevance and general understanding of the topic covered on the page. Whether it's a new sentence, a new paragraph, or an entirely new article. But I do not recommend that you abuse this practice . Simply because all links must be approved by moderators. So, if a page suddenly has five new links all pointing to one page, there's a good chance you're caught.

On the other hand, you can do your duty as a good citizen of Wikipedia and update the content, fix broken links and add new findings where possible. So if your article happens to be one of those included then that's a good result for everyone involved.

Going even further, you could think of  creating a wikipedia page , thanks to our online tutorial.


The Sweet Spot: Bringing all these possibilities together

If you combine dead link, broken link, and single link opportunities, you have a flexible and easy to manage Wikipedia backlink building strategy.

It can be set up:

  • Use dead links to build Wikipedia backlinks.
  • Use broken links to get links from authority sites.
  • Include your own unique links in Wikipedia pages.

If you can replicate that with four or five pages, the number of links you'll be able to build with targeted, relevant pages just keeps growing. And if you are looking for the dream SEO agency that will make you wikipedia links, trust  the Punchify Me SEO agency  and our  netlinking specialists.  Our SEOs are trained in the best tools to find broken links on wikipedia and many other places.