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Check the indexing of your URLs in GoogleSheet

You make backlinks and you don't want to check the indexing of URLs one by one in google with the site:url function: I offer you a GoogleSheet document that allows you to do this in a few clicks.


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Why is URL indexing important?

Backlinks to your site are only important if people come to your site for its content.

Even so, without backlinks, no one will ever know what you've written and won't care.

The reason this is important is that many people take Google's rankings as an indication of how popular their website really is, but really it just means that Google knows more about your site than other search engines. search because it gets better information from your linked sites.

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So if you don't link from external websites or other online profiles, Google won't know what's really going on in your life and writing; also, Google probably won't show all search results that are relevant to someone searching for something related to what you're talking about.

Backlinks not indexed: 2 reasons

  • the site that made the backlink is not relevant or trustworthy in the eyes of Google
  • the URL, page, content that surrounds your link is not worthy of entering Google's index

These two points are (often) negative signs regarding your link. If the site or the URL is not considered worthy by Google to be offered to Internet users, it is because the quality is too poor.

Backlinks not indexed: 2 solutions

If your backlinks are not indexed, 3 solutions are available to you

Indexed backlinks: the real impact on SEO

For one of our customers who works in the car rental world and is not yet a leader in the market, we have created many links in recent weeks. With Google's indexing vagaries, some backlinks were not indexed (78 in total).

Customer case: car rental

7 days  after submitting to our favorite indexing tool , we noticed these results:

Impact SEO de l'indexation des backlinks
The Google.fr Difference column reflects the evolution of SEO positions on the keyword after the indexing of the backlinks.

We start from afar (most keywords are on the 3rd page of Google), but imagine the gain in positions between before indexing and after!

Customer case: doors

Another of our clients, for whom the results had increased significantly in recent months, benefited from a big boost with the indexing of around forty backlinks.

For this client, we are talking about positions on page 1 of Google

Impact SEO de l'indexation des backlinks
comparison between SEO positions on Google.fr between before indexing versus after indexing