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Choosing the right SEO package for your business

Investing in SEO is like buying a brand new sports car. A Ferrari will cost more, but it is much more luxurious and faster than a regular family car which costs much less. It's the same with SEO services, you get what you pay for. Bigger plans have more features but are more expensive; lower plans cost less but won't get your site up and running as quickly as the previous ones.

Small business owners do not have the same budget as large companies. Every penny counts for small-budget businesses, which is why it's crucial to get the maximum return on investment from every online marketing campaign you spend. It is therefore essential to know how to choose the right SEO package for your business.

You should ask your SEO agency for a list of services they offer – even their most affordable package should ensure you get the best results . Here are suggestions on what to look for in a small business SEO package.

Support and expertise

Support is essential for any good SEO service. Indeed, your account manager must be very careful with you and must absolutely accompany you on the choice of keywords to work on. In addition, the proposals for actions specific to your niche and your site must be explained to you and detailed.

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Good content marketing

Content marketing is an essential component of your marketing strategy. Your web pages, blog posts, images, and videos should provide relevant content. The quality of the content is also an essential factor for positioning in search engines. The keywords must be targeted and not spammy and must be chosen according to the conversions (sale, quote request, contact request, etc.) that they report.

Giving information and value to your readers is of paramount importance. If you are a law firm, for example, you can look for an SEO company that specializes and has experience in SEO for lawyers . This applies to any industry.

Local SEO services

If your customer base and catchment area are local, citations will boost your SEO success. Major search engines use NAP (Name, Address, Phone) citations from major web directories as signals in local search rankings. By choosing an SEO agency , check that their clients arrive in the top 3 of Google Map and that the SEO service purchased includes local citations.

On the other hand, if SEO services focus on local SEO, here are other optimizations that should be added to the list of SEO package services:

  • Use local phone numbers and call tracking,
  • Have a local address, office, store or warehouse,
  • Create a local website to target customers in your area,
  • Get backlinks from local directories,
  • Get backlinks from other local businesses

SEO, Analytics, Search Console reports

Every small business SEO package should include keyword tracking and site visit reports . As an owner, you need to know how your site is performing and whether SEO from your provider of choice is bringing you more visits and conversions. It is the responsibility of an SEO company to inform its clients about the performance of their site and SEO campaigns. Companies have the right to know if their site is doing well and must above all have the possibility of calculating their ROI (return on investment) of their referencing.

If your SEO agency provides reports, check with them to see if they are suitable for your business:

  • too many numbers kill the numbers: reports must be concise and only concern the KPIs YOU have chosen
  • favor graphic and visual reports: tables are not the best option for getting a quick overview

Details in reports should include organic web visits. Tracking your competitors' keywords should also be provided to give you more insight on how to improve your keywords.

Choose SEO companies with real employees

Many small SEO companies offer low prices because they have low overhead. This often means that the work is outsourced. The downside to this practice is that the work is perhaps thousands of miles away in a foreign country where people don't even know your industry and the local context of your business. The possibility of poor quality work and inefficiency abounds in these kinds of structures. It's best to choose an SEO company that has a team you can talk to and interact with. Go for companies that have real employees doing the SEO work themselves.

So try to choose an SEO agency where internal workers like account managers, copywriters, editors, web developers, SEO managers are all well trained in SEO and are an integral part of the business, like at Punchify Me.