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Download eFootball PES 2023 APK Android & PC

efootball 2022 mobile, our topic is about downloading the efootball pes 2022 mobile game for Android with a direct link, the PES 2022 game is one of the best football games that are preferred by many users and that are very popular around the world, it is mentioned that this game has many copies of it, but the version that Today we are talking about Hi PES 2022 for Android, the latest free version on our website.

Download eFootball PES 2023 APK Android & PC

PES 2022 is a complete game developed by Konami, it is a wonderful and very entertaining football game that is very similar to the traditional FIFA 2022 game and this is somewhat one of the main reasons that contributed to its popularity, it accepts playing on both Android phones and iPhone devices The game can be downloaded from various places, whether from its main store on the Apple Store or Google Play, or from our website, the game market. In fact, the full PES 22  game is not new, but has always been on the PlayStation devices. All that matters is that a version for phones has been developed. Android.

Download the PES efootball 2022 mobile game for Android, direct link

  • As we talked a little while ago, the PES 2022 game is very popular around the world due to the many features of the game that we will mention in today’s article.
  • It is also worth noting that the PES 2023 game is suitable for all age groups, starting with children, and it is very interesting and far from boredom.
  • The efootball 2022 mobile game is not only limited to Android phones but can also be played on iPhones and tablets.
  • Copies of PES 2022 for PC and PlayStation are also available, which in turn are subject to updating every new update of the game.
  • In general, and through our article today, we will conduct a comprehensive review of this PES 2022 football game, and we will present all its features and general idea, in addition to the operating requirements, and finally the download link that will be located at the bottom of the article.

Information about the efootball 2022 mobile game for mobile and computer

  • PES 2022 for Android can be said to be the perfect choice for Tour fans.
  • PES 2022 efootball 2022 has many teams, kits, and stadiums as you see them on the ground already.
  • The gameplay in PES 2022 is very smooth and far from the interruptions that constantly occur in other football matches.
  • You can win many tournaments and leagues as well as many prizes.
  • This is on the one hand, but on the other hand, in this game you will be able to bring in new players and sell the players you own.
  • The game is very popular, which explains the large number of downloads and positive reviews on it in various game stores.
  • There is also a mod version of the game with many additional features.
  • In fact, this game deserves all the praise and it can be said that it is comprehensive and gives you a realistic experience that makes you feel like you are in a real football match.
  • So what are you waiting for, dear user, go to the bottom of the article, and download the efootball 2022 mobile game for Android, direct link.

What are the advantages of downloading efootball pes 2022 mobile for Android and PC?

  1. The graphics of the PES 2022 game are very high, which gives you the feeling that you are in a real football match, and this is shown in the fine details.
  2. The shape of the players in the game PES efootball 2022, the grass of the stadium, and this is one of the most prominent features of the game.
  3. The game supports many platforms, including Android, Windows, iPhone and PlayStation.
  4. The PES 2022 game control panel is very simple and not difficult for all users, as is the case in most other ball games.
  5. The game is completely free and you do not have to pay any money to download it, and the best thing is that it is also available in a hacked version with more features.
  6. The accompanying soundtrack within the PES 2022 game is very realistic and that music changes with the events of the match as well, which is really cool and makes users feel like they are actually in the match.
  7. The game provides the ability to choose the stadium and select a number of teams during the start of the game.
The pes 2022 apk game is available with excellent ratings on most stores, due to what it provides players with, starting with the general idea of ​​it, all the way to the graphics and very high graphics, without forgetting that it is completely free, the game is also suitable for all age groups and found entertaining, and given all this, we decided to dedicate Our topic for today is to make a comprehensive review of the PES game for Android devices, where we will refer to its most prominent features and advantages, leading to the correct way to play in order to win tournaments and football matches without forgetting, of course, to indicate how to download, so if you want to know All this information you will have to read our article for the last.
Download eFootball PES 2023 APK Android & PC

The idea of ​​PES 2022 for Android

PES 2022  is a football game par excellence, and therefore its general idea is not much different from other football games, and it is very similar to the DLS 2022 game. Through the game, you will be responsible for a team that you will choose at first, and you will have to watch over its training and supply. With everything he needs in order to reach victory in the various tournaments or competitions in which he participates, as you will be responsible for playing and moving the players on the field in order to score goals, we can say that the PES 2022 game for Android combines both the task of training as well as playing, and this is perhaps what made it Distinguished from other football games.

How to play PES 2022 on Android?

  1. The way to play PES efootball 2022 on Android is very similar to any other football game on the phone.
  2. After selecting the team in the PES game and developing your match plan.
  3. Click start and the match will start automatically with ease.
  4. You will notice on the screen during the game that there are a group of transparent buttons that you will control the players during the game.
  5. It is worth noting that the button on the left is for moving in the four directions, right, left, up and down, while the buttons on the right are for throwing the ball while playing the ball from both sides of the field, one for short passes and the other for long passes.
  6. There is also a button for throwing the ball away and it is usually used with the goalkeeper only.
  7. It is mentioned that throwing the ball from both sides of the field must be in a certain direction so that the ball does not cut you.

PES 2022 APK features for Android

The features of the PES 2022 game are many and varied, and this explains the great demand for people to download it on their phones, and the most prominent of these features or characteristics can be referred to in the following paragraph:
  • The game combines both the training mission as well as the gameplay, which makes it integrated.
  • It is available on various stores, starting with the Google Play Store for Android devices, or on the Apple Store for iPhone devices, as it can be played on computers.
  • The graphics of the game is very high, and this is also one of the reasons why people prefer it among thousands of other Android football games.
  • The game settings are very simple and you can control it quite easily.
  • It is available in many languages, including classical Arabic, and it also supports commenting on matches in Arabic, and this is a wonderful thing that we do not find in most other ball games.
  • The game provides the ability to choose the soundtrack accompanying the matches, and this was not possible for the player to do in previous versions.

Additional features in the football game PES 2022

  • FTS 2022 is like the previous FIFA, but with more powerful updates, we also add DLS 2020, and  PES 2022  is made by Konami.
  • Game name: PES 2022.
  • The size of the game pes 2022 for Android will be 2 GB.
  • pes2022 game price free version of the game is available for android mobile phones.
  • The new game PES 22 from the updated versions efootball pes 2022.
  • Game classification: Classified under sports and related to football.
  • The graphics of the game are very high and that is why people prefer it over thousands of other Android football games.
  • It supports multiple languages ​​and has Arabic commentary, which is a beauty that we don't find in most other ball games.
  • The game PES 2022 provides the function of choosing the voiceover, which was impossible for players in the previous version of the PES game.

KONAMI, the developer of the efootball 2022 mobile game, has provided new updates to it in the past few years, and the efootball 2022 mobile game will be the official update to the efootball 2021 mobile game, especially for devices running the Android system.

With one main goal or purpose, which is to provide a completely different and new generation of football matches, while working to fix and solve all the problems in all previous versions, with completely new game controls based on artificial intelligence.

English commentary inside efootball 2022

Fans of eFootball 2022 can now enjoy playing the game with Arabic commentary, with the version available now, through the following steps:

  • Download and install the game on mobile, and open the game.
  • Write the player's name as always in the game.
  • Click on Extras, then go to settings, then go to Commentary languages.
  • Here, the player will be able to start downloading the Arabic commentary file by clicking on (Arabic), which is about 379 MB in size.
  • Thus, the player will be able to experience the game by selecting the team and start enjoying listening to Arabic commentary on the events of the matches.
eFootball PES 2023 for Android

Features of efootball 2022 mobile game updates   for Android

There are some of the main changes in the electronic football game efootball 2022 mobile, as these changes reflect the extent of the company's strength to improve competitive capabilities in order to make the game one of the best football games in the world, and among the most important characteristics and changes that it has worked on are the following:

New design

It all started with the unstoppable design to create a revolutionary football platform, this is what the game developer said about the new design

As it worked on redesigning the efootball 2022 mobile game again to provide users with an ideal football game experience, whether new stadiums, player movements, or the audience on the field, and others.

In addition, it was keen on designing the graphics board and the original interface, adding many new options and a large number of special levels in all stages, as well as providing a method of how to employ and develop players.

Player contracts

In the new update of the football game efootball 2022 mobile, each player will have a contract and a certain period of time, and this period may last until more or less than 365 days after the player signs

After completing the specified period, players will not be removed, however, you will not be able to develop them further and they will not be able to participate in certain types of matches.

In addition, players whose contracts have expired can obtain an extension using the option to renew the contract, which is only 60 days, starting from the day of use.

New types of matches

Many new and unique match types have been added in this version, such as “Arena, Challenge Event, Online Quick Match, and Online Match Lobby.”

Thus, players whose contract has not expired can be used in all these types of matches, but if the player’s contract expires, matches can continue to be used, but of the two types of “online quick match and online match lobby” only

The company also stated that it will add new match types individually when they are ready.

Determine the types of players

The game now includes 4 types of players, which are “Standard, Common, Distinguished, and Legendary.” This method depends on recruiting players according to their type.

Player development

While continuing to play and entering higher levels, this leads to the development of players and changing their statistics automatically without your intervention, and this is through the extent of the level of performance of each player during a certain period of time

In addition, players can be customized “standard, special and legendary” according to the nature of your game

As these players start with their stats a bit low unlike the rest of the players, but there is an opportunity to develop them through creating training courses and contributing to entering a large number of challenges and winning over all players

The company is also working on adding customization methods for players that are more advanced and professional and will be ready within a few days

A shared, competitive world with better mobile consoles

The efootball 2022 mobile game for Android focuses on providing a new soccer game engine that is specially designed to control soccer while playing matches with the use of a smooth controller for all devices.

In addition, the game developers have allowed entry to completely new competitions against console users or any other user over the Internet, and thus the competition will become more fierce, especially with professionals from all over the world.

System requirements changes

The real and radical thing about the efootball 2022 mobile game for Android is that it changed the minimum system requirements, especially after a lot of updates that I worked on.

Therefore, there are some devices that the game will not support anymore because it will be somewhat difficult to deal with the large number of animations and some problems may occur, and the minimum that the company stated is the following:

Minimum Android devices to run the game

  • Android version : Requires Android 7 and above
  • Random access memory “RAM” : minimum 2 GB or more
  • CPU : ARM  quad-core (1.5 GHz) or  better

Do not miss the opportunity now to develop your skills and get the game efootball 2022 mobile, the best football game for Android devices, completely free

Available on Playstation (PS4 and PS5), Xbox (Xbox One and Series) and Windows PC (Microsoft Store and Steam), eFootball (ex PES) is a free-to-play (free) follow-up to the PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) soccer franchise. eFootball 2021 is also available on Android and iOS mobile devices, mobile versions may be published soon.

To continue the game's evolution over the years, the 2022 version includes a new rendering engine, bringing improvements to duels and attack and defense controls. Taking Esport to another level, the game is free to play and allows players from all over the world to play together. Updates and tournaments will be offered regularly to freshen up the player experience and introduce new content regularly, especially by season. In fact, it seems that Konami wants to forgo the development of new titles every year for more regular seasonal updates.

The first season of eFootball 2023 has been available since August 2022. It sees the arrival of new players and new licenses. Of course, the game continues to benefit from new updates both on Windows and other platforms, to improve gaming conditions and renew players' experience.

How to play PES 2022 APK for Android

With regard to the way to play the  PES 2022 apk game  , it is simple and similar to the way to play in any other football game, through the transparent buttons shown on your phone at the start of the game, move the players around the field in order to score goals, the large button on the right of the screen is intended for moving The player is in the four directions, while the other four buttons are dedicated to passing the ball, including to throw the ball away and for long and short passes. Try to mix different movements and pass the ball in order to score goals and win.
You can download the PES 2022 game for free from our website, the game market, with a direct link and without complications from below.

Why play eFootball 2023?

eFootball, ex PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) is one of the standards for simulation games of international soccer matches and tournaments. Although this latest opus was particularly criticized when it was released in September 2021, it does not lack much, and there will also be big stars like Ronaldo or Messi. The atmosphere of football matches is well written with amazing entrance of players, screams and cheers of fans, looks like an anthology match.

eFootball Free-to-play takes the basics of eFootball PES 2020  and eFootball PES 2021 in terms of offense and defense, offering balanced matches and therefore tight results. Defending players benefit from a new pressing system, by choosing a soft or more aggressive style, going as far as deliberately pushing attacking players. But beware of misusing them in the game under penalty, yellow or even red cards.

At the video game level, as in the previous opus, you will have the possibility to choose the players and managers who will compose your team with your starting budget. You will need to manage training, develop your game tactics and participate in matches regularly to improve your team's performance and lead them to their highest level. Each match won will allow you to accumulate coins, earn bonuses and rewards, allowing you to recruit new players and conclude agreements with players from partner clubs and elite ambassadors.

In terms of game modes, it appears that when the game launches, only one game mode is available, but Konami is warning players that new game modes should be published soon. Among other things, you can play local matches with 9 predetermined teams or choose challenge events against artificial intelligence or against human opponents online. Players will be able to play against the AI ​​or against another local player with one of these nine licensed clubs: FC Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, Juventus, Manchester United, Arsenal FC, Corinthians Paulista, CR Flamengo, California River Plate, Sao Paulo. They will be able to play in six stadiums: Camp Nou, Old Trafford, Allianz Stadium, Emirates Stadium, Allianz Arena and eFootball Stadium.

eFootball is a free-to-play free-to-play game that offers micro payments to users to get more in-game currency to grow their team faster, buy new players, etc.

eFootball PES 2022 Download

What's new in the latest version of eFootball?

The November update, which is supposed to fix various bugs and glitches, has finally been pushed back to Spring 2022. The mobile version of the game should also appear around this time, by updating the mobile apps for previous versions of eFootball 2021 .

Gameplay elements such as Advanced Ball Trapping, Fast Ball Passes, Rising Shots and other special moves will be added in future updates. Finally, full cross-platform matchmaking for PC, consoles, and mobile will also arrive in a bundle, when the mobile versions become available.

Season 2 has just been released! In particular, you will be able to access 10-minute matches against AI (5 minutes before), in the "Objective" tab to complete challenges and earn rewards, in more stadiums and many more. In addition to this much-awaited update, the mobile version of eFootball 2021 has been upgraded to 2022.

August 2022: At the same time as real-life soccer matches resume, Konami presents its new season of eFootball. Here's the 2023 eFootball season 1. With new players and new licenses. AC Milan and Internazionale Milano clubs join the license with full squads, jerseys and the legendary San Siro stadium. Licensing deals also include Liga BBVA MX which includes 18 Mexican clubs and their players, as well as Estadio Azteca. Trent Alexander-Arnold and Bruno Fernandez join the ambassadors and enrich the list. Two new card types have been added to Dream Team mode: Epic and Premium.

Finally, know that it is possible in the 2023 version that is cross-play, meaning that you can organize test matches between friends on consoles and PC. Note, however, that players on Android and iOS, mobile phones cannot participate in friendlies with console and PC players. This game mode is only available for Dream Teams. 

For 2023, new Partner Clubs must feature a paid Master League mode. 

What operating system is eFootball compatible with?

You can download and play eFootball 2023 on Playstation (PS4 and PS5) and Xbox (Xbox One and Series) game consoles but also on Windows PC, via Microsoft Store and Steam game platform .

Since May 30, 2022, eFootball is also available as a mobile app for Android and iOS. 

What are the best eFootball 2023 alternatives?

The direct competitor of eFootball 2023 , FIFA 23 , developed by Electronic Arts, was released at the same time and it does much better. Available for home consoles, PC and mobile, FIFA 22 offers a more accomplished offering, with more realistic graphics and better gameplay than its competitor. Career mode, multiplayer mode, VOLTA mode or FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) mode, you will be spoiled for choice to satisfy your soccer cravings!

Football Manager 2022 was also developed by SEGA in the fall of 2021 and overshadows the great advantages of football simulation games. Available for PC and mobile, this video game offers a more realistic look with in-depth management tools for your team and club. Here, the headlines won't make your reputation, but your ability to better manage drills and the most promising players of the season. A true gem for players whose primary motivation is not to kick the ball, but to build and develop a team.

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